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Cigna Accidental Injury Insurance

What It is:

A cash benefit paid directly to you when you face an unexpected covered accident, such as an ankle sprain or arm fracture.

Accidental Injury benefit example:

Chloe broke her leg playing soccer.

Chloe’s covered benefits:

·      Doctor’s office visit

·      Diagnostic exam (X-ray)

·      Repaired fracture

·      Physical therapy sessions

Accidental Injury benefit paid directly to Chloe: $1,200*

Key Features to consider

·      Flexible. Use the money however you want: medical bills, rent, groceries, ect.

·       Supplement your medical plan. Benefits are paid in addition to other coverage you may have.

·       Cost-Effective. Your premium is conveniently deducted from your paycheck at a low group rate.

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