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With telehealth, you can get the treatment you need for minor sicknesses without having to visit your doctor’s office.


By enrolling in this benefit, you’ll gain access to medical consultations through phone call, email, and video chat. Telehealth will typically have you talking to a doctor within 30 minutes of setting up the appointment.


You’ll speak to a doctor who can diagnose your minor aches and illnesses, and they can even prescribe medication for the likes of the common cold, flu, pink eye, and many other medical conditions.


Please use the below instructions to access your MDLIVE telehealth services.


Call Center Phone Number for Assistance: 888-365-1663

  • Please specify you are affiliated through FBS for medical telehealth services. Again, not to be confused with your medical insurance coverage, it is important to let the agent know you have benefits through FBS, not your insurance company directly. You must be registered under FBS to access your benefits which are covered at a $0 cost.
  • If you are getting an error message when registering and call the number above, please only mention to the agent that you are affiliated with FBS.


Web Access: ONLY USE the URL below. This will automatically route you through the FBS registration process


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Toll Free: (888) 365-1663